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Ed Tech Power Hour Topic on Peardeck

October 6, 2020

Ed Tech Power Hour: Join us for an in-depth look at an educational technology tool and how it engages learners. We will provide an overview of how to use the tool, examples of implementation across grade levels, and give you an opportunity to try it out for yourself.

The registration link will allow you to choose which dates you would like to sign-up for.

October Schedule Ed Tech (two topics per week):

October 5th Flipgrid (3:30p) / Peardeck (4:45p)

October 6th Peardeck (3:30p) / Flipgrid (4:45p)

October 7th Flipgrid (3:30p) / Peardeck (4:45p)

October 8th Peardeck (3:30p) / Flipgrid (4:45p)

October 12th EdPuzzle (3:30p) / Bitmoji (4:45p)

October 13th Bitmoji (3:30p) / EdPuzzle (4:45p)

October 14th EdPuzzle (3:30p) / Bitmoji (4:45p)

October 15th Bitmoji (3:30p) / EdPuzzle (4:45p)

October 19th Google Tools (3:30p) / Quizizz (4:45p)

October 20th Quizizz (3:30p) / Google Tools (4:45p)

October 21st Google Tools (3:30p) / Quizizz (4:45p)

October 22nd Quizizz (3:30p) / Google Tools (4:45p)

October 26th Nearpod (3:30p) / Padlet (4:45p)

October 27th Padlet (3:30p) / Nearpod (4:45p)

October 28th Nearpod (3:30p) / Padlet (4:45p)

October 29th Padlet (3:30p) / Nearpod (4:45p)