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Ed Tech Essentials – Expanding Classroom Walls

July 6, 2022


The intersection of technology and education allows teachers to deepen opportunities for student engagement and collaboration in the classroom.  In this session, you will explore tools to use in the classroom with an emphasis on expanding classroom walls using digital resources. Ed Tech tools allow educators to dream BIG in ways that would not have been possible without technology. Participants will gain experience and learn best practices for implementing digital tools to create engaging activities for students. Participants are encouraged to bring a BIG dream with them for these sessions. 


Audience: K-12 educators and leaders

Certificate Hours: PD certificate for 4 hours upon completion of two day boot camp

Dates/Times: July 6th – 7th 9-11:00am


  • For questions regarding this resource, please contact Arizona Virtual Teacher Institute.
  • Contact Name: Alison Hernandez
  • Email Address: