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Exploring Multimodal Literacies through the Linguistic Landscape in the L2 Classroom

March 3, 2021

Presented by Sebastien Dubreil, Carnegie Mellon University.

In this workshop, participants will become familiar with the fundamentals of work in the linguistic landscape and will examine how it can be leveraged to address several of the perennial challenges faced by L2 classroom instructors. Indeed, the LL is a site that necessitates attention to meaning, form, use, and cultural interpretation (meaning learners engage with both “language” and “content” simultaneously). Second, through judicious use of the physical environment and instructional technology, teaching the LL can make the second language and culture present and alive for the learners. Third, LL projects also have the potential to engage L2 learners with their own communities. Last, as an inherently interdisciplinary field LL-based pedagogies afford L2 instruction the opportunity to establish connections beyond language studies. Examples of such work will be provided and participants will be guided to envision how these principles can be adapted in their own practice to enhance language and culture learning.