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Highlighting PD Programs and Preparing Applications

February 15, 2022

Highlighting PD Programs and Preparing Applications: Planning, Writing, and Submitting

This TREC webinar will focus on upcoming PD programs that are being offered in the region.  PD Programs generally are professional development opportunities that last a longer period of time and include a significant commitment from participants, such as a Community of Practice, the TREC Teacher Leader Program, or even a series of workshops.  Additionally, we will provide support around the application process for such programs. The workshop will act as a guide for initiating and completing applications.  Along with UArizona’s Writing Skills Improvement Program (WSIP), we will take an in-depth look at planning, writing, and submitting applications.

  • For questions regarding this resource, please contact Tucson Regional Educator Collaborative.
  • Contact Name: Jen Kinser-Traut
  • Phone No: (520) 621-7511
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