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IMPACTS-MS Expressions, Equations, and (In)Equality

November 14, 2020

Expressions, equations, and inequalities are critical concepts for students transitioning from the Elementary arithmetic to High School mathematics. Students progress from the world of concrete representations to abstract thinking, bringing to bear a variety of math trajectories. Workshop participants will explore strategies for building relevancy, excitement, and understanding through the use of manipulatives, engaging tasks, and a sound understanding of student learning trajectories.

Come join us in developing a deep understanding of expressions, equations, and (in)equality in middle school mathematics.

(Activities will be different from last year’s workshop, so teachers who attended last year should still consider attending this year’s workshop.)

NOTE: This is a TWO PART workshop (November 14 and November 21). Participants will be expected to take a task back to their classrooms, collect and analyze student work, and share their reflections with the group.