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Math in CTE: Math Podcasts for Automotive Technology and Construction Technology

One-on-one or teams by request. Please contact Mary Andrade at to register and schedule an instructor.

For: Auto or Construction teachers who wish to deliver a math credit in their program through podcasts created by a highly qualified math teacher.

Do you have a vision for delivering math credit in your auto or construction program? Has your board approved math credit for your course? Are you wondering how to solve the highly qualified math teacher issue? This two-day course is designed to give you the skills to deliver math lessons customized to your program through podcasts designed and delivered by a highly qualified math teacher. You will learn the strategies to effectively use these podcasts and investigate the materials provided with each podcast. A follow-up classroom observation is required.

One Semester Hour (SH) ADE Credit for Provisionally and any Standard Certified CTE Teachers.

Requirement: 2 days

  • For questions regarding this resource, please contact Pima JTED.
  • Contact Name: Curt Bertelsen
  • Phone No: 520-275-5100
  • Email Address: