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Methods of Teaching Career and Technical Education

November 18, 2020

For: Academic Teachers Pursuing CTE Certification

Course Description:

In this 5-day highly engaging course, teachers will focus on the design and delivery of relevant and engaging lessons. Special emphasis is placed on writing clear, aligned, and measurable objective(s), a variety of methods for structuring learning to meet objective(s), incorporation of active participation strategies, developing a strong introduction to each lesson, and closure to assess learning. These strategies will be woven and modeled throughout the entire course. All participants who are employed by members of AZ CTE Curriculum Consortium and who complete both days of this training will receive password-protected access to the CTE Curriculum Connection with its bank of outstanding lesson plans and/or other valuable resources for CTE programs written by Arizona CTE teachers.

Days three and four of this course teachers will enhance classroom management skills by developing rules, procedures, and routines that are aligned to their content and environment. We will consider the philosophy of “Discipline with Dignity” to ensure that you possess discipline strategies that are highly effective without escalating disruptive student behavior. Participants will evaluate how a course syllabus serves as a powerful communication tool between teacher and students and will leave with a draft that defines your procedures, routines, classroom rules, and consequences. On the final day of this course, we look at what constitutes an “approved program”. In this course, participants will learn what is required to ensure that a program is in compliance and eligible to receive Federal, State, and JTED funding. You will leave with the skills needed to manage the many facets of running a premier CTE program including advisory committees, work-based learning, Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO), end of program assessments, attracting and retaining non-traditional students, and more.

This is a multi-course program spanning 5 days (8:00 am-3:30 pm each day)
Methods Day 1-2 Instructional Best Practices – November 18-19, 2020
Methods Day 3-4 Classroom Management – December 7-8, 2020
Methods Day 5 – Program Management – April 6, 2021

ADE Credit Available: Yes
3 Semester Hour (SH) Credit