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Moving Forward with Expulsion Prevention (Foundations I)

October 5, 2021

A step-by-step description of the state’s five-step expulsion prevention protocol along with the rationale and responsibilities of providers at each step.

Welcome to our Foundational Expulsion Prevention Training – we are excited to share this important information with you, and reinforce how we can work together to improve outcomes for Arizona’s Children!

During this training, participants will: learn what expulsion is, who it’s happening to, and why preventing expulsion is important for children, families, and child care providers; think together about why expulsion is happening; and, discover what can be done to reduce expulsion and improve outcomes. This training culminates in a collaborative reflection about our Community Call to Action; participants will leave inspired in their individual power to create big, long-lasting change!

Important Information:

The registration link will take you to a page that provides more information on the requirements for registration.

  • For questions regarding this resource, please contact Southwest Human Development.