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Reclaiming the Narrative: Teaching the Truth About Native American Boarding Schools – Part 1

June 29, 2022

Part 1 Building Teachers’ Background Knowledge: History and Impact

Join us for part one of this two-part professional learning series about teaching the true history of Native American boarding schools in your classroom.

Part one will focus on building teachers’ background knowledge regarding the history and impact of Native American boarding schools.

Educators will learn about the federal policies and sociopolitical context surrounding the boarding school era. We will also address the social, emotional, and physical effects of boarding schools and the legacies of historical trauma that continue to impact Native American students, families, and communities today.

Designed and facilitated in collaboration by the ADE Office of Indian Education and Social Studies Standards, and the Phoenix Indian School Visitor Center, this professional learning series is geared towards educators of all backgrounds. However, educators of Native American/Indigenous students are especially encouraged to attend.

Part two will focus on culturally responsive and trauma-informed guidelines and resources for teaching about Native American boarding schools in your classroom.  Part two is divided into grade bands to provide age-appropriate lessons and materials.

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