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Serving Exceptional Students in CTE

September 25, 2020

Course Description:

This one day course is designed to provide CTE educators and other interested parties with a broad understanding of special education. During the course of this interactive workshop, we will cover a range of topics that include special education law, modifications, accommodations, interventions, supports, the special education process, the Response to Intervention process, and more. Our goal is that you leave with the tools you need to serve exceptional students enrolled in CTE courses more effectively.


  • Define special education
  • Identify and describe laws governing special education
  • Analyze the differences between IEP and 504
  • Describe supports
  • Analyze the special education process
  • Describe the RTI/MTSS process
  • Analyze appropriate discipline measures for special needs students
  • Identify and describe support services available for special needs students

For: All CTE Teachers

ADE Credit Available: Yes 1 Semester Hour (SH) Credit
Satisfies Professional Knowledge (PK) deficiencies