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TBI 202 – “All About the A’s” – Assets, Assessments, & Analysis of Behavior

February 3, 2021

In-depth behavior workshop on brain-behavior relationships and signs/symptoms of brain injury.

Prerequisite Required: Attendance at TBI 100 or TBI 101. If you have any questions regarding pre-req’s please contact Tiffany Wilkinson at

This in-depth behavior workshop will include an overview of brain-behavior relationships, the importance of the frontal lobe, and the limbic system development and function, signs/symptoms of brain injury, and neurological impairments as observable behaviors. Focus will be on executive functioning, behavior management, and determining students’ strengths and assets using a hypothesis testing approach to assess and create appropriate interventions and strategies for use in the classroom and community. A “Zones of Self-Regulation” discussion will be included. The format will be a lecture with open discussion and live Q&A.

All materials are provided for this course including PPT handouts, activity sheets, and resources.

This virtual training has been split into FOUR Wednesday’s and each day is a 90-minute segment. You will need to attend ALL FOUR DAYS of training to get a spot for this course.

Dates: (four consecutive Wednesdays) – February 3, 10, 17, & 24, 2021.

Times: Each session will be from 3:30 – 5:00 pm AZ Time

Registration Ends: Feb 1, 2021