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TREC Teacher Leader Program

August 2, 2022
  • What is a TREC Teacher Leader? 

    TREC Teacher Leader program is a leadership opportunity within the Tucson Regional Educator Collaborative (TREC). We seek a diverse group of birth- 12th grade teachers who are or hope to become, leaders in their schools and districts. The overall goal of TREC is to leverage the resources in the community and this is one way we are doing just that. The goal for the Teacher Leader program is to provide classroom teachers with an opportunity to build key leadership competencies (professionalism, communication, professional learning, and advocating for teaching and learning), engaging in leadership opportunities, and a voice to make changes in their teaching practice, while supporting others in their teaching practice.

    What do TREC Teacher Leaders do? 

    Each TREC Teacher Leader Cohort will ideally last 2 years, and the goal is that each cohort will identify and address a key teacher professional learning need in the region. The first year of the program the cohort will focus on building community, developing communication competencies, and delve into professional learning by identifying a key professional learning need in the region. During the second year they will work toward addressing the professional learning need by creating professional learning opportunities for the region’s teachers while also focusing on professionalism and advocacy. Both years, the teacher leaders will be key planners for the June Summit.

    We currently have three cohorts of TREC Teacher Leaders.  Cohort 1 Teacher Leaders are engaging in inquiry cycles with the goal of leading mini-inquiry cycles with the region’s teachers.  Cohort 2 Teacher Leaders support 6 Communities of Practice (CoPs), including topics of educator resiliency, trauma-informed teaching, visual art community, and leading while female. Cohort 3 Teacher Leaders are building community and learning leadership skills using the book Onward, by Elena Aguila.

    The 2022-2023 TREC Teacher Leaders can continue with this focus or go a different direction based on the interests of the TREC Teacher Leader cohort. The TREC Teacher Leader year will culminate with the development and implementation of a one-day summer summit (a professional learning event) in June 2023. The hope is that the following year (2023-2024), the TREC Teacher Leader Cohort 4 will implement a professional learning opportunity to support a key need for educators in the region.

    What are the commitments and responsibilities for TREC Teacher Leaders? The time commitment for the TREC Teacher Leaders is approximately 5 hours/month and an additional 10 – 20 hours in June. The leaders will meet monthly with assignments in between meetings. The tentative stipend for completing this position is $1000. To receive this stipend, expectations are that you: attend the scheduled meetings and participate in the development and delivery of the June Summit.

    **This stipend is dependent on TREC receiving necessary funding.**

    The TREC Teacher Leaders will meet the first Tuesday of every month during the school year from 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm, starting on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022.

    What are the requirements for potential TREC Teacher Leaders? We are looking for 10 – 12 teachers to join as 2022-2023 TREC Teacher Leaders. This opportunity is for teachers who have 5 or more years of teaching experience and spend 50% of their contract time teaching students. Please note, to ensure a diverse group we will not accept more than three teachers from the same district/school.

    Applications are due, Sunday March 6th at 11:59 pm. For any questions please email, Jen Kinser-Traut, TREC Director, at

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