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Understanding the Meaning Behind Children’s Behaviors Part 2: Strategies to address behaviors and prevent expulsion

May 27, 2023

As we learned in part I, a child uses their behavior in order to communicate what they need to the adults in their environment. A large part of our role as parents and educators is to aid children’s social-emotional development and this means to help meet their different needs. Sometimes we have to be a detective in the classroom when trying to figure out what children are trying to tell us through their actions. In this training, we will discuss the different types of challenging behaviors we may see in our classrooms, the need a child is communicating through this behavior, and strategies on how to meet that need. This training also encourages educators to reflect on when we meet children’s needs in the classrooms how this allows us to build stronger bonds and helps prevent expulsion.

Required Prerequisite:  Understanding the Meaning Behind Challenging Behaviors in Preschool

Recommended Prerequisite:  Foundations I

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