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Webinar- Expanding L2 Learning: Teaching Multimodal Composition through Socioscientific Topics

June 2, 2021

Webinar presented by Jill Castek, Rachel Floyd, Emily Hellmich, Blane Smith and Wen Wen from the University of Arizona (see their individual bios below).

Multimodal projects use multiple modes to communicate ideas. In the digital world, images, sounds, colors and other design features together convey meaning that one mode alone cannot fully express. This webinar illustrates how composing across multiple modes (e.g., video, images, animation) can increase learners’ motivation, build digital literacies, and L2 expand communicative capacity. Classroom examples connect multimodality with socioscientific issues (controversial, real-world problems informed by science, e.g., global warming, genetic engineering) to encourage understanding of complex issues.

In this interactive webinar, participants will learn: 1) about multimodality; 2) how socioscientific issues can dovetail with multimodal projects; and 3) strategies for designing, implementing, and assessing multimodal projects in their own teaching contexts.

Participants attending can request a certificate of attendance for 1.5 hours of Continuing Education during the live event; or participants they can request a digital badge after the event.