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Social Studies

Designing and Implementing Immersive International Virtual Field Experiences

Digital Innovation and Learning Lab
Come and learn how to design and implement Immersive International Virtual Field Experiences (IIVFE) in collaboration with the University of…

Kind Campus program

Kind Campus is an innovative school-based program that educates students, faculty, and staff about the benefits of kindness, and then…
We know that awareness of the benefits of kindness results in kind behavior, ultimately resulting in kinder communities for everyone.

Applying for Competitive Teachers’ Grants and Programs

This webinar aims to assist teachers who want to apply for nationally-competitive teachers' grants and/or professional development programs.
assisting teachers in applying to nationally competitive programs

Road Maps: Workshop on the Free Virtual Game for Secondary Classrooms

"Road Maps: Around the World Adventure" is an innovative and free educational experience created by the University of Arizona Centers…
immediate classroom use