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Arizona Science Center

Inspire, educate and engage curious minds through science.

Arizona Science Center’s Freeport–McMoRan Foundation Center for Leadership in Learning provides schools, districts, and community partners with standards-aligned, research-based professional development opportunities for PreK-8 educators and administrators. All of our facilitators are certified educators with a passion for inspiring creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. We measure our success through the confidence and competence we instill in those we support.

Professional learning with Arizona Science Center is standards-aligned, research-based and customized to the unique needs of our partners. Let us help you prepare leaders for the 21st Century! Funding to offset the cost of professional learning with Arizona Science Center can be obtained through State and Federal grants such as Title IIA, Title IV-A and CARES Act/ESSER funds (see Arizona Department of Education for specific information) as well as community funders such as PTO/PTA, local service clubs and others.