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Happy Summer, Teachers! Whether you are working, traveling, reflecting, learning, or doing something else entirely, we hope you find some time to relax, recharge, and drink lots of water!

Bayer Crop Science

Science for a Better Life

As an industry-leading Life Science company, Bayer has its foundation in science, innovation and research. This gives us a unique understanding of the integral role science plays in everyday life. Making Science Make Sense®, Bayer’s company-wide science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education initiative, seeks to advance science literacy across the United States through hands-on, inquiry-based learning, purpose-driven volunteerism, community-focused partnerships and a public education campaign. Together with our Making Science Make Sense partners, Bayer is working to educate, engage and inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, technologists and innovators. With a steadfast commitment of more than 20 years, we are dedicated to advancing STEM education and ensuring that all individuals are scientifically literate. At Bayer, we strongly believe it is about making STEM education more accessible and less intimidating – to kids and adults.