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Everyone deserves access to higher education, regardless of immigration status

ScholarshipsA-Z provides resources and scholarships to students, families, and educators through online and community interactions, in order to make higher education accessible to all regardless of immigration status.

ScholarshipsA-Z provides workshops and monthly programming to educators on topics pertaining to how to support Undocumented students. Our SA-Z educator workshops were imagined to disrupt the educator-student power dynamic by centering the lived experiences and knowledge of immigrant youth. 


Are you looking for a community of educators as you grow as an active advocate for immigrant youth? The Educator’s Committee sprouted from the SA-Z Educators Conference as a community of educators ready to take action and support each other in continued efforts to work with and for Undocumented youth and families.

Check out these amazing resources!

  • Educator’s Toolkit: your toolkit to working with and for Undocumented Students in Arizona.
  • FAFSA Guide: our guide to navigating FAFSA as an undocumented student, DACA recipients, and mixed-status families.
  • Immigration Terminology: words that will never be able to define the complexity and reality of being a human being and an immigrant