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Happy Summer, Teachers! Whether you are working, traveling, reflecting, learning, or doing something else entirely, we hope you find some time to relax, recharge, and drink lots of water!

About TREC

TREC is a group of educators and stakeholders committed to supporting meaningful teacher professional development in the Tucson Region. We want to build professional development capacity, increase teacher retention, and develop teacher leaders.

Our mission: TREC brings together the region’s educators, resources, and partners to support their evolving professional growth.

Our vision: A collaborative community that cultivates a thriving teaching profession.

Our values: Equity, Connections, Teachers are Experts, Inclusivity, Innovation

Resources and Partner Organizations

To access offerings by our partner organizations please visit the resources page.

Educators can search for Professional Development (PD) resources in the categories of:

  • PD Events & Webinars
  • On-demand Resources
  • Programs
  • Grants/Awards
  • Supplemental Resources

The filters include searching by Grade Level, Subject, Teacher Experience, PD topic, Delivery Method, Cost, etc.

Current Efforts

Communities of Practice

The 2023-2024 Communities of Practice (CoPs) are up and running! These CoPs reach across districts and bring together educators (birth – 12th grade) to broaden their professional learning and build upon their knowledge and expertise. To learn more about these CoPs click here.

Through the different CoPs TREC offers, educators will build community while deepening their knowledge, understanding, and expertise to better support their passion for the teaching profession and student success (adapted from Wenger, McDermott, and Synder, 2002). Each of the CoPs offered are listed below.

Educator Emotional Resilience

This Community of Practice is focused on educator emotional resiliency and uses the book Onward, by Elena Aguilar. With the wellness tools and the relationships they develop with fellow educators, participants will have an opportunity to grow their resilience over the course of the school year.

Early Childhood Math Literacy

This Community of Practice will be run in partnership with Project Echo and will engage early childhood educators in mathematics content and practices.  The end goal of this CoP/Echo is to create “mathpacks” for your students and their families to bring their math learning home!

Equitable Grading

This Community of Practice will challenge traditional approaches to assessment and strategize to use equitable grading in a traditional grading setting. Participants will explore equity issues related to grading and how to overcome them in your classroom and/or school.


This Community of Practice will support current mentors or those who want to become mentors.  Teachers with 3+ years of experience interested in mentoring and/or currently mentoring are encouraged to join.

If you have additional questions about joining a TREC Community of Practice, please email TREC Project Coordinator Alicia Durbin

2023 Virtual Gratitude Wall

Ben’s Bells, TREC, SAZAEYC, TVT, and Fox Theatre have teamed up to create a Virtual Gratitude Wall again this year!

Expressing gratitude carries benefits for both the giver and the receiver! Submit a message of appreciation or note of thanks to help us let educators know how much the community values their work and dedication. If you’re an educator yourself, we know it’s also important to hold up other educators and recognize each other’s work. We invite you to shine a light on your colleague(s) and add to this Gratitude Wall too!

Share your message of gratitude here!

Presentations at Schools

We would love to share TREC resources and our updated website with more educators!  We can join you at your school for a brief 10-minute intro to TREC or a longer PD (30 min. to 1-hour) on Educator Resiliency!  Please complete this form if you are interested.

Social Media and TREC:
Join and follow us on our social media!  Use our hashtag and post your favorite TREC photos on our pages.






Tucson Regional Educator Collaborative 

Working together to support meaningful professional development of teachers in the Tucson region.

We believe that teachers are professionals and should have more opportunities to advance their careers. Our rationale is built on acknowledging that no single entity can do it all.  This is why we have chosen to bring in a number of partners that will invite innovative ideas and collaborations across stakeholders to go beyond individual district’s or school’s professional learning efforts.

Find out more about:

 Our Mission/History


Teacher Leaders

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