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Arizona K12 Center


The Arizona K12 Center improves teaching and learning through high-quality professional development. The organization is a one-of-a-kind hub that supports educators along the teaching continuum. For 20 years, the Center has focused on enhancing leadership, expanding learning, and unveiling inspiration for Arizona’s teachers, impacting countless students across the state. 

The Arizona K12 Center strives to support teachers along the continuum through:

  • Induction support and services for teachers in years 0-3 of their career.
  • Robust mentor training and ongoing support.
  • Varied professional learning opportunities to support educators seeking to enhance their professional knowledge and skills.
  • Support for educators pursuing National Board Certification.
  • Teacher leadership opportunities for professionals seeking new experiences.

The Arizona K12 Center serves as a vital hub connecting Arizona’s educators with the most current best practices in professional development. As the demands of our 21st Century economy and demographics emerge, the education community is called upon to respond in kind. New approaches are required to address new challenges. At the same time, we cannot afford to simply embrace innovation for its own sake. Now more than ever, research-based answers are essential to enhancing teacher performance and student learning. With the practitioner standing at the intersection of theory and practice, the Arizona K12 Center develops and facilitates leading professional development solutions for our classrooms today.