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TGS Educational Consulting


TGS Educational Consulting provides tailored professional learning solutions to equip you and your team to dramatically increase the good you and your team accomplish for those you serve. This difference in approach matters to my clients, and is the principal reason why we continue to work together year after year.

TGS’s will work to equip your staff to do the work that matters. Frequently, understanding what needs to be done is easier than getting organized to do the work. Sometimes, this might involve training staff on new skills or best practices. Typically, this is also about organizing resources, developing measurable goals, and implementing achievable action plans. With clarity comes competence, and our goal is for your leadership team and staff to come to work every day knowing what they do matters and makes a difference.

Tim Grivois, the Executive Director of TGS Educational Consulting says, “my firm helps schools, nonprofits, and government agencies transform the wicked systemic issues that vex all leaders of caring organizations into opportunities to demonstrate excellence in any environment.”

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