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Tucson Regional Educator Collaborative

Working together to support the region's teachers.

TREC brings together the region’s educators, resources, and partners to support their evolving professional growth.

TREC is a group of educators committed to supporting teacher professional development in the Tucson Region. We want to build professional development capacity, increase teacher retention, and develop teacher leaders.

Our mission: TREC brings together the region’s educators, resources, and partners to support their evolving professional growth.

Our vision: A collaborative community that cultivates a thriving teaching profession.

Our values: Equity, Connections, Teachers are Experts, Inclusivity, Innovation

Upcoming PD Events & Webinars

December 9, 2023 , December 9, 2023

Pre-K Loose Play Workshop – December Sessions

Dive into the world of age-appropriate loose parts and the world of sticks, rocks, leaves, water, mud, boxes and...

Upcoming PD Programs

September 19, 2023 , October 17, 2023...

Educator Emotional Resilience CoP 2023-2024

This CoP is focused on educator emotional resiliency and uses the book Onward, by Elena Aguilar...


On Demand

Math for Early Learners: May 6, 2023

What does a mathematical exploration look like in preschool?

On Demand

TREC Webinar: Mentoring as Leadership

We’ll discuss the meaning of mentorship as well as ways teachers can lead as mentors in both formal and informal…

On Demand

Stress Strategies for the Teacher–Combating Compassion Fatigue

This webinar will focus on Compassion Fatigue.

Supplemental Resources

Social Emotional Learning Resources

A list of SEL Resources including Educator Emotional Resilience and mindfulness, support for students and some basics...

On Demand

Field Trip Best Practices to Inspire Student Learning

In this webinar we will explore ways to maximize the impact of the field trips you work so hard to…

On Demand

Best Practices for Language Access in Educational Settings Webinar

This TREC webinar was hosted by Holly Silvestri from National Center for Interpretation (NCI) at the University of Arizona. It…

On Demand

TREC September Webinar: Social and Emotional Learning from the Inside Out

More than any other content area, Social and Emotional Learning begins from the inside out. Join us and explore many strategies…

On Demand

Math for Early Learners: May 14

The webinar will focus on Math for Early Learners including concepts of shape, space, sound, and symbol across mathematics and…

On Demand

Math for Early Learners: May 21

For this TREC webinar, we have partnered with the Center for Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers (CRR). The webinar…

On Demand

TREC April 2022 Webinar: Sharing Successes Implementing Equitable Grading

TREC's April Webinar will explore topics of equitable grading. The webinar will include student perspectives around equitable grading, what equitable…

On Demand

Tooting Your Own Horn: Writing About Your Accomplishments

This workshop will discuss the challenges of writing about ourselves and our accomplishments in application responses and similar materials. It will explore…

On Demand

Highlighting PD Programs

We will be hearing from PD Providers about upcoming PD Programs. PD Programs generally are professional development opportunities that last…

On Demand

TREC Educator Celebration—Bright Spots 2021

TREC’s vision is a collaborative community that cultivates a thriving teaching profession. For this December event we want to take…

On Demand

Supporting Transgender Students in the Classroom Panel

Teachers in the region have identified supporting transgender students as a gap in the region and have asked for more…

On Demand

Community of Practice info session 2021-2022

Join TREC Teacher Leaders as they outline opportunities for educators to join a TREC CoP for the 2021-2022...

On Demand

PD Spotlight Event (July 29)

Learn about a variety of great PD Providers.

On Demand

TREC PD Provider Spotlight (July 27)

A webinar with information about various PD Providers, such as CRR, Scholarships A-Z, ASU Prep Digital, SAZAEYC, and World of…

On Demand

Math for Early Learners: June 12

We will explore the ways a child engages in understanding space, shape, and measurement in ways that we can fortify…

On Demand

Math for Early Learners: June 5

In this workshop we will use mathematically powerful fluency building games to uncover the qualities we need to look for…

On Demand

TREC June Summit 2021: Celebrating Educators

Join Cortney and Niki--two Tucson educators, Ben's Bells, and David Fitzsimmons as we have some fun, remember the importance of…

On Demand

TREC June Summit 2021: Trauma-Informed Teaching and Care

Teachers can improve the academic and behavioral outcomes of all their students while improving the school experience and preventing re-traumatization…

On Demand

TREC June Summit 2021: Wellness in the Workplace Panel

Join panelists as they share information and strategies for both yours and your students' well-being. These professionals, including educators, will…

On Demand

TREC SEL April Webinar: Riding the Waves of Change

This webinar will focus on the perseverance and successes of educators throughout this year of changes.

On Demand

A Brief Introduction to Social Emotional Learning

We use the term Social Emotional Learning (SEL) frequently, but what does it mean? What is and is not SEL?

On Demand

Building Resilience as a Protective Factor for Burnout

This webinar serves as part two in the TREC Stress Strategies for the Educator and Classroom webinar series, where the…

On Demand

Best Practices in Online and Hybrid Instruction

In this recorded webinar, we will explore what quality online teaching looks like, look at considerations for managing students in…

On Demand

Social-Emotional Learning Webinar by Playformance

Take time to honor yourself by joining Anna and Kevin as we explore ways to fill up our teacher well…

On Demand

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

This workshop on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) will cover how these stressful or traumatic experiences can influence a child’s behavior,…

On Demand

TREC Book Study Information Session

Join us at our info session to learn more about emotional resilience, the book Onward, and how the year-long book…

On Demand

Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Uncertainty

In this session, we will use the framework offered by William Bridges for managing transitions to understand and process the…

On Demand

A Panel on Creating and Supporting Trauma Informed Classrooms

‍This webinar will be a panel of educators answering your questions and sharing strategies for creating trauma-informed classrooms following COVID-19…

On Demand

Social Emotional Learning

This webinar will begin with a brief introduction to social emotional learning. Then Moses Thompson will share how school gardens…

On Demand

Compassion Fatigue, Stress, and Self-Care

The first topic in this webinar will discuss strategies to help manage challenging topics like suicide, self-injury, and inclusive mental…

On Demand

Stress Strategies for the Educator and the Classroom

Recording of webinar now available. Please register for access to the recording. This webinar will review the evidence base for…

On Demand

How to use Google JamBoard

The following video is a short tutorial on how to use Google JamBoard from NAU College of Education.

On Demand

Building Culturally Relevant Schools Post-Pandemic with Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings

Join nationally recognized education researcher, Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings and PBS Wisconsin to learn about the four factors that have led…