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Writing Skills Improvement Program

A Professional Academic Writing Resource

The Writing Skills Improvement Program (WSIP) provides professional support to writers of all genres and teachers of writing in all disciplines. We strive to help writers strengthen their understanding of writing standards, identify patterns in their own writing, and develop the skills they need to reach their writing goals. We support teachers as they think about how to address writing in their classrooms, and provide them with skills to enhance their teaching toolkits. We also support programs as they develop their own writing support systems.

WSIP offers access to writing workshops through two venues.

Weekly workshops are free and open to the public during the regular academic year. These workshops provide overview of writing topics and opportunity to practice writing skills. Topics include Grammar Refresher, Overview of Academic Writing, Challenges and Tips for Second Language Writers, and Grant Writing.

In our Custom Delivery, individuals or organizations contract with WSIP for custom-delivery of writing workshops. This is a fee-based service.

WSIP regularly provides workshops and support for K-12 school districts, both for students and teachers.