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A Panel on Creating and Supporting Trauma Informed Classrooms

This final webinar will be a panel of educators answering your questions and sharing strategies for creating trauma-informed classrooms following COVID-19 school closures. The webinar will begin with a video welcome from Superintendent Kathy Hoffman.

Sandra Thiffault, a principal at TUSD’s Mary Belle McCorkel Academy, will be the moderator. The panel will include the following educators sharing key strategies (and answering your questions) for creating and supporting trauma-informed classrooms:

·      Jordana Saletan, an Associate Director for Blake Children and Family. Jordana supports PD services for those who serve the birth-five population.

·      Jane Ballesteros, the Director of Healthy and Safe Schools Program for the Pima County Superintendent’s Office. She coordinates PD for K-12 schools in the areas of school discipline and behavioral health.

·      Jay Johnson, the Director of Itinerant Services at Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and Blind and has served as the Recruitment and Retention Specialist at the ADE.

·      Daphne Russell, a middle-school reading teacher and the author of Read or Die: A Story of Survival, Hope, and How a Life Was Saved One Book at a Time. Daphne will share compassion for teachers and that this is a learning opportunity to engage students differently.

·      Ramon Olivias, is a counselor at Mission View and Ochoa Elementary Schools. He will share strategies for engaging parents and supporting students as they adjust to the new classroom routines.

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