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Arizona State University Master of Natural Science Degree, with Concentration in Physics, for Teachers

Only one-fourth of Arizona’s nearly 300 physics teachers have a degree in physics or physics education. Half of the chemistry teachers don’t have a degree in chemistry. The vast majority of 9th-grade physical science teachers are out-of-field; typically their major was biology or a nonscience subject. To address this complexity, Arizona State University has developed programs to help train teachers across the science curriculum so they can meet the needs of the 21st-century science student.

The Master of Natural Science (MNS) degree and the Modeling Instruction Program are two innovative and successful approaches to science teacher development. Most students in the programs are current teachers looking to expand or deepen their effectiveness in the classroom. Because they attract both resident and nonresident students, the MNS and Modeling Instruction programs have had a real and substantive impact on science education here at home and throughout the United States. On the reverse side, see what teachers have to say about the quality of these programs. To learn more about science teacher development at ASU, please visit our web pages at

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