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Happy Summer, Teachers! Whether you are working, traveling, reflecting, learning, or doing something else entirely, we hope you find some time to relax, recharge, and drink lots of water!

AZ STEM Collaborative LMS Launch – Free STEM courses!

The STEM Collaborative is a partnership between ASTA, Arizona Technology in Education Association (AzTEA) and Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics (AATM). Working together, we have created a Learning Management System (LMS) and are offering online PD Courses that focus on integrating STEM into science and math instruction as well as how to improve both technology and STEM integration. Each course should take approximately two (2) hours to complete while giving you the opportunity to explore what STEM education is and how you can enhance lessons you’re already teaching in your classroom with STEM and EdTech. Registration is always available with new course sessions beginning every Wednesday (registration for each session closes the Friday prior).

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