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Classroom Management

December 7, 2020

Course Description:

In this course, teachers will enhance classroom management skills by developing rules, procedures, and routines that are aligned to their content and environment. We will consider the philosophy of “Discipline with Dignity” to ensure that you possess discipline strategies that are highly effective without escalating disruptive student behavior. Participants will evaluate how a course syllabus serves as a powerful communication tool between teacher and students and leave with a draft that defines procedures, routines, classroom rules, and consequences.

-Explain the stages of teacher skill acquisition
-Define classroom management
-Define tort and liability
-Describe the relationship of classroom management and tort
-Identify the single most effective strategy for having excellent classroom control
-Explain the differences between rules and procedures
-List the benefits of clearly established rules and procedures
-Identify 3-5 appropriate rules for your class
-Identify the potential procedures for your classroom and lab
-List the reasons for a syllabus
-Identify elements of a syllabus
-Create or revise an existing syllabus
-Identify the characteristics of an effective classroom climate
-Identify best practices for maintaining a positive classroom environment
-Identify skills that increase our ability to manage a classroom
-Differentiate between classroom management and discipline
-Identify four characteristics of effective discipline
-Identify six goals of effective discipline
-Describe the philosophy of “Discipline with Dignity”
-Rank 8 discipline strategies from least to most intrusive

This is a two-day event (12/7/2020 & 12/8/2020 both days 8:00 am-3:30 pm)

For: All CTE Teachers

ADE Credit Available: Yes
1 Semester Hour (SH) Credit Satisfies Professional Knowledge (PK) deficiencies