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March 2, 2024 – IMPACTS Make Every Lesson Count (Part 1): Instructional Frameworks and Lesson Design for ANY Curriculum and for EVERY Student in Mathematics Grades K-5

March 2, 2024

This is a two-part workshop. The first part is a level one workshop, addressing the topic at a high and medium level. Part 2 is a Level 2 workshop, which will address the topic at a small and micro level. Teachers that attend both will develop a strong understanding of successful lesson structures and how to use any curriculum with these structures.

Part 1: What instructional frameworks help children learn mathematics most effectively? This is a question research has answered, but it is still a debate in many classrooms and in many circles. Part of the reason is that we do not have a strong sense of the different instructional frameworks, and part of it is because some frameworks seem “easier” than others. But are these easy frameworks effective? Are these frameworks also efficient? Should an instructional framework for mathematics be efficient? Come and experience two common instructional frameworks that rare often used with mathematics, and dig into the benefits and drawbacks. Experience an effective instructional framework and then unpack its structures.
Part 2 (April 27) will provide teachers additional experiences with an effective lesson framework and an opportunity to analyze their curriculum and find the ways their curricular lessons can be tweaked or revised to leverage effective lesson structures and an effective instructional framework.

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