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Instructional Best Practices

November 18, 2020

Course Description:
In this highly engaging course, teachers will focus on the design and delivery of relevant and engaging lessons. Special emphasis is placed on writing clear, aligned, and measurable objective(s), a variety of methods for structuring learning to meet objective(s), incorporation of active participation strategies, developing a strong introduction to each lesson, and closure to assess learning. These strategies will be woven and modeled throughout the entire course. All participants who are employed by members of AZ CTE Curriculum Consortium and who complete both days of this training will receive password-protected access to the CET Curriculum Connection with its bank of outstanding lesson plans and/or other valuable resources for CTE programs written by Arizona CTE teachers. This course is excellent for every teacher! Ace your next evaluation!

· Identify the six most critical components of a lesson
· Define active participation
· Identify reasons why we use active participation
· List the points in the lesson where we use active participation
· Distinguish between overt and covert forms of active participation
· List strategies that promote active participation
· List strategies that impede active participation
· Define the word objective
· Differentiate between goals and objectives (objectives and non-objectives)
· Identify the two parts of an objective
· Select appropriate behavior for an objective
· Distinguish between standards, measurement criteria, and objectives
· Determine the level of Bloom’s Taxonomy to which an objective is written
· Write objectives that support a measurement criteria
· Define introduction
· Identify critical attributes and purposes of an introduction
· Identify the types of introductions that you may use in a lesson
· Identify when to use an introduction
· Write an introduction
· Define closure
· Identify the critical attributes and purpose of closure
· List the times that you should use closure in a lesson
· Create a closure activity

This is a two-day event 11/18/2020 and 11/19/2020

For: All CTE Teachers

ADE Credit Available: Yes
1 Semester Hour (SH) Credit Satisfies Professional Knowledge (PK) deficiencies