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Math for Early Learners: May 21

Saturday, May 21st: Math for Early Learners (PreK-K)

For this TREC webinar, we have partnered with the Center for Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers (CRR). The webinar will focus on Math for Early Learners including counting with fun adventures AND visualizing change as a tool for algebraic thinking.

Math for Early Learners was a two-day webinar, each with two sessions in the day.  The above video is the second day.

The recording of the first day can be viewed here:

Counting Adventures: Connecting Mathematics to Science and our Community

What if we learned counting through a series of exciting adventures? We will go on berry hunts, we will explore cactus, and we will learn all about desert animals! Counting is FUN; come and have fun with counting!

Visualizing Change: A Powerful Tool for Algebraic Thinking

Change is an important understanding that not only builds flexible thinking, but it also sparks creativity. When we focus on change, our learners’ minds grow. Come and experience everyday contexts for the preschool learner that can be used with some simple instructional routines to focus on change, reinforce structure, and spark creativity.

Presented By:  Melissa Hosten has worked in education for more than 25 years, currently as a Co-Director at the University of Arizona Center for Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers. She has worked in schools across Arizona. She was a Math Specialist for the ADE and a Mathematics Standards Coordinator for MCESA. She has been a Grant Director for grants totaling 2 million dollars. She specializes in the areas of equity and access, and she is an active member of Arizona Math Leaders and the Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics. She was recently awarded the Copper Apple Award for Leadership in Mathematics and the UArizona Team Excellence award for service to the Arizona education community. Melissa has worked with early childhood math educators for the past 6 years in South Eastern Arizona as part of a summer workshop series.

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