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Teacher Voice Book Club – Turning Points: 35 Visionaries in Education Tell Their Own Stories

April 6, 2024

Thought prompt: “Too many schools (and institutions in general) pay lip-service to ideals of respect and freedom and democracy . . . all too often it’s the same old domination, sometimes dressed up in nice language and liberal ideas, sometimes just stark naked and unapologetic.”

How do we design a learning environment that truly prepares students for adult life? We talk about informed decision making, effective time management, critical thinking and problem solving, working well both individually and with others, etc., but is that how our classrooms actually function? What would a room full of engaged students (truly engaged, not just staying awake) look like, and what type of classroom environment would we need to foster to make that happen? What changes can we initiate at our level, and what upper levels would we have to influence to create a truly engaging environment? Please join us as we discuss these issues. Reading selection, Looking for Trouble by Matt Hearn, pp 136-145:


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