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TREC June Summit 2021: Trauma-Informed Teaching and Care

PreK-6th grade educators will learn about implementing strategies and Evidence-based Practices in the classroom.

PreK-6 Educators Session Description:

Today, educators must be prepared to support students who have faced numerous unknown adverse experiences. These experiences may have resulted in trauma and can present in a number of different internalizing and externalizing ways in the classroom. Teachers can improve the academic and behavioral outcomes of all their students while improving the school experience and preventing re-traumatization for those who have experienced Trauma. This presentation will show how implementing simple strategies as well as Evidence-based Practices in the classroom can make this happen.

About the Speaker:

Trina Simms serves as a Sustainability Coordinator for the PAXIS Institute. Trina is the “boots on the ground” person for the Arizona initiative of the PAX Good Behavior Game (GBG). Trina has a clinical background and worked as a clinician for many years in Tucson Arizona. Trina has also facilitated groups for parents involved with the Arizona Department of Child Safety using the Trauma Informed Care curriculum.

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