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Happy Summer, Teachers! Whether you are working, traveling, reflecting, learning, or doing something else entirely, we hope you find some time to relax, recharge, and drink lots of water!

TVT Professional Development Scholarship Application

To be eligible for a Tucson Values Teachers Professional Development Scholarship, applicants must:
1) Spend the majority (over 50%) of the school day in direct instruction to students
2) Currently be certified to teach in Arizona or working in a licensed and regulated early childhood education center
3) Upload a copy of teaching certificate or appropriate credentials with the application
4) Teach any grade or combination of grades PreK through 12 in a school in Pima County, Cochise County, and/or Santa Cruz County Arizona
5) Plan to continue in an active teaching status through the next full school year

To apply click here

Guidelines for Scholarships:
Scholarship applications are reviewed by TVT staff and/or board members. The amount of TVT scholarships offered is contingent upon the amount of grant funding available for that calendar year and will be distributed quarterly. Scholarship applications may not exceed $250. No more than one TVT scholarship will be awarded to any one applicant each calendar year. Applicants can apply for more than one TVT scholarship as long the applicant has not been approved or received a TVT scholarship in the current calendar year. Scholarships will be awarded to pay tuition, registration fees, or materials/resources related to a specific conference, workshop, or professional development course. Should the recipient not be able to attend a program or the program applied for is canceled, the recipient is required to contact Tucson Values Teachers to determine the next course of action for the funds.
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