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Happy Summer, Teachers! Whether you are working, traveling, reflecting, learning, or doing something else entirely, we hope you find some time to relax, recharge, and drink lots of water!

Arizona Department of Education

The Arizona Department of Education provides guidance, support, and monitors PK-12 Public School Systems in the state of Arizona. Additionally, it oversees the approval process of State Board of Education approved Educator Preparation Programs in the state.

ADE provides specific professional development in all areas related to Pk-12 education in Arizona. Most sessions are free to the participant.

Upcoming PD Events & Webinars

June 17, 2024 , June 18, 2024...

Computer Science Professional Development Week

CSTA-Arizona is proud to announce the return of CSPD Week...

June 23, 2024 , June 24, 2024...

Four Corners CS Convening

A three-day event focusing on computer science education for Indigenous students in Durango, CO at Fort Lewis College...


On Demand

What Elementary Science Educators Need to Know About Performance Tasks

Join this Online, Self-Paced Course to learn about 3-Dimensional assessments!

On Demand

What Secondary Science Educators Need to Know About Performance Tasks

Join this webinar to learn about 3-Dimensional science assessments!

On Demand

Leveraging Leadership: Rethinking the Role of the Principal Supervisor

Learn more about the role of a principal supervisor.

On Demand

How Data Visualization Can Tell the Story

Learn more about how to utilize data.

On Demand

Equity In Action: Targeted Improvement Efforts Toward Racial Equity In Five School Districts

Watch a recording from the Arizona Department of Education to learn about what 5 school districts did to ensure racial…

On Demand

Crisis Leadership for School Administrators: 10 Tips for Leading Effectively and Authentically Through a Crisis

Learn about how to manage a crisis situation like a leader.

On Demand

Structured Literacy: Essential for Most, Advantaged for All

Learn more about structured literacy and how to incorporate these strategies.

On Demand

RTI: Tiers Are Not Just for Cakes

This recording will give you an overview of RTI and some strategies.

On Demand

May I Have Your Attention Please?! Using Neuroscience to Engage Students in the Inclusion Classroom

Check out this recording about how to use neuroscience techniques to increase your student engagement.

On Demand

Literacy & Learning for the Big Kids (4-12)

Learn more about how to incorporate literacy activities for children in grades 4th-12th.

On Demand

Leading From the Classroom: Recognizing and Prioritizing Teacher Leadership

This recording discusses the importance of teacher leadership and discussions on how to prioritize this.

On Demand

Increase Reading Scores Using Literacy-Rich Social Studies Lessons

Learn more about how using more literature in your curriculum can increase performance in other areas.

On Demand

Diverse Texts: Creating a More Inclusive Curriculum

Learn more about the importance of diverse texts and how to incorporate these into your classroom.

On Demand

Creating Culturally Linguistic and Inclusive Math Spaces: Using Interactive Read-Alouds

Learn more about creating more culturally linguistic and inclusive math spaces through the use of interactive read-alouds.

On Demand

Context Counts: How to Consider Context When Selecting an Evidence-Based Strategy

Learn more about how to consider context when selecting evidence-based strategies

On Demand

Building Background In the Virtual Secondary ELA Classroom

Check out the Arizona Department of Education recording and resources about how to build background in the virtual ELA classroom. 

On Demand

Back to Basics: Creating Equitable Learning Environments

Are you creating an equitable learning environment? Learn more about how to create an equitable classroom.

On Demand

Arizona’s Language Development Approach: An Overview

Want to learn more about Arizona's Language Development Approach check out these resources from ADE for an overview.

On Demand

A Look at Arizona’s New Science Standards

Check out these resources from ADE to get a better understanding of the new science standards in Arizona.

On Demand

Crosscutting Concepts: 1 of the 3 Dimensions of the AZ Science Standards

The focus of this professional learning opportunity is to learn how the crosscutting concepts cross boundaries between science disciplines and…

On Demand

Self-Paced Course – A Look at Arizona’s Science Standards

Arizona has new science standards! This presentation is designed to help teachers or administrators who are not familiar with the…