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A Deeper Dive: Constructing Grades K-5 3-Dimensional Science

June 6, 2022

A Deeper Dive: Constructing Grades K-5 3-Dimensional Science Units

ASTA is now accepting team applications for A Deeper Dive: Constructing Grades K-5 3-Dimensional Science Units Program. This program is a partnership with Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and financially supported by APS Foundation and the Burton Family Foundation.

Through a professional learning opportunity, 54 K-5 elementary level teachers working in teams will learn how to utilize tools and processes  to create 3-dimensional lessons that will form a unit aligned to the Arizona Science Standards. Participants will be grouped in collaborative teams facilitated by a teacher leader, who will work with them virtually and face-to-face throughout the program between face-to-face meetings. Participants will create a 3D unit blueprint and develop multiple instructional sequences that will form a 3D science instructional unit which will be implemented, revised, and then submitted to ASTA and ADE to be published as models.

Team applications are currently open and must be submitted to ASTA by 10 pm on March 4, 2022.   To learn more about this opportunity and the application, click here.

Teams can be from the same school/district and can be multi-district.  ASTA will assist educators in rural or small schools who would like to be on a team but who do not have colleagues who can join them to create a multi-district team.  In addition, multiple teams from a district can apply.

A Deeper Dive’s main goal is to build capacity among 72 elementary teachers and coaches in AZ in developing and implementing 3-dimensional instructional units aligned to the AzSS.  Through this program participants will:

·   Build capacity through collaboration with science leaders statewide;

·   Learn to use tools that translate science core ideas, practices, and crosscutting concepts into instructional sequences that form a 3-dimensional science instructional unit;

·   Think deeply about learning and teaching to develop a clear vision of science education that is coherent, focused, and rigorous and based on 3-dimensional best practices; and

·   Collaboratively align instructional units to the AzSS and share throughout the state.

Please contact for assistance if needed.

  • For questions regarding this resource, please contact Arizona Science Teachers Association.
  • Contact Name: Sara Torres
  • Phone No: 520-709-1886
  • Email Address: