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CTSO Advanced Advisor Training

Instructor: Julie Ellis
Arizona Dept of Ed

For: All CTE Teachers
ADE Credit Available: Yes
1 Semester Hour (SH) Credit
Satisfies Professional Knowledge (PK) deficiencies
Course Length: Julie Ellis will provide 5 two-hour sessions of which the participants will select 4 sessions. Each session is on a different day.

Session 1 – Establishing a Firm Foundation for your CTSO
Session 2 – Growing your Program
Session 3 – Building a Solid Officer Team
Session 4 – Successfully Implementing a Program of Work
Session 5 – Running an Effective Meeting

Date: This course is offered in conjunction with the ACTEAZ Summer Conference. See conference registration information for exact dates and times. Conference information will be available in Spring at

(one day + homework)

ADE information
Julie Ellis –
ADE North Campus
3300 N Central Ave

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