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Math for Early Learners: May 6, 2023

Exploring Mathematics in Preschool and Kindergarten

What does a mathematical exploration look like in preschool? How can our explorations connect to their experiences and interests? How can our explorations help uncover important mathematical concepts through the voices of our students? Come and experience these explorations, and then begin the creation of your own for your students.

This webinar is brought to you in partnership between TREC and the Center for Recruitment & Retention of Mathematics Teachers (CRR), thanks to a generous grant from the Helios Education Foundation.

Presented by: Melissa Hosten, who has worked in education for more than 25 years and is currently Co-Director at the University of Arizona Center for Recruitment and Retention of Mathematics Teachers. She has worked in schools across Arizona. She was a Math Specialist for the ADE and a Mathematics Standards Coordinator for MCESA. She has been a Grant Director for grants totaling 2 million dollars. She specializes in the areas of equity and access, and she is an active member of Arizona Math Leaders and the Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics. She was recently awarded the Arizona Math Leaders 2023 Math Leadership Award and  has received the AATM Copper Apple Award for Leadership in Mathematics and the UArizona Team Excellence award for service to the Arizona education community. Melissa has worked with early childhood math educators for the past 7 years in South Eastern Arizona as part of a summer workshop series.

Access the slides here.

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