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PAX Tools

Designed to help equip teachers and school staff with the PAX tools that can improve children’s cooperation and ability to manage their own behaviors, as well as support social and emotional development.

Shared Vision– ensures that young people & adults are on the same page with expectations as well as possible pitfalls for the upcoming activity.
Low emotional response– allows adults to provide instantaneous, neutral, nonverbal feedback for individuals without embarrassment or interruption of activity.
Beat the timer– allows young people to block distractions and stay on task to the finish.
Random sticks– help in scenarios when children feel that adults are playing favorites or not being “fair.”
Mystery Motivators– jump-start motivation for completing tasks & carrying out positive behavior.
Kudos Notes– are written letters of appreciation that identify an increased behavior we want more of.
PAX Breaks– are used to stop growing tension, teach children and adults to recognize when they are getting upset, and provide emotional & physical space to calm down.
PAX Amends– allow the adults and young people to use therapeutic consequences when natural & logical consequences are not available.
PAX Focus– increases communication, expectations, and psychological safety between young people & adults as well as promotes youth self-regulation.