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Scholarship Available for ASTA Cause & Effect Science Teaching Symposium!

You will learn about a variety of science fields using the crosscutting concept lens of cause and effect. Each participant will receive $200 worth of materials prior to the symposium. Hands-on, minds-on experiences, grade-band digestion time to discuss the content and activities, and time to ask questions of the impressive lineup of everyday STEM superheroes serving as speakers will make this professional development experience out of this world!


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If you are interested in receiving a scholarship to attend the ASTA Cause & EffectVirtual Science Teacher Symposium, July 11th-14th, please complete the application.  Applications will be reviewed by the ASTA Board based upon the criteria from the funder(s).  Scholarships range from $100-$140. ASTA members will be given priority. Recipients will be notified beginning May 1st. ASTA will continue to review applications until all funds are dispersed.

All scholarship recipients are expected to register by June 10th and pay for any costs that are not covered by the scholarship prior to July 1st.  In addition, all recipients are expected to write a letter of appreciation to the funder following the Symposium.  ASTA will provide details of the funding agency to the recipient.


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