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TBI 303 – “Contemporary Issues” – Executive Functioning & Neurodevelopment

December 1, 2020

Training on impacts on executive functioning & neurodevelopment after brain injury.

Prerequisite Required: Attendance at TBI 100 or TBI 101. If you have any questions regarding pre-req’s please contact Tiffany Wilkinson at

The format for these sessions will be short-format lecture with open discussion, ongoing question, and answer sessions throughout, and include interactive opportunities (virtually) to review relevant assessments and resources. The first two modules will cover information related to Executive Functions. The second two modules will cover information related to neurodevelopment.

All materials are provided for this course including PPT handouts, activity sheets, and resources.

This virtual training has been split into FOUR days and each day is a 90-minute segment. You will need to attend ALL FOUR DAYS of training to get a spot for this course.

Dates: Tuesday, December 1 & Thursday, December 3, 2020, AND Tuesday, December 15 & Thursday, December 17, 2020

Times: Each session will be from 3:30 – 5:00 pm AZ Time

Registration ends: Nov 29, 2020