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Teacher Voice Book Club Series

September 24, 2022

Have you ever wondered how Climate Change is being addressed in class-rooms? Why is climate change being addressed in this manner?

Miseducation: How Climate Change is Taught in America by Katie Worth is a powerful tool toward starting this conversation. In our constantly changing world we must empower students to think critically about the information they encounter.

Please join Noyce Borderlands Master Teacher Fellows, Jose Hinojos and Ty White, for a constructive dialogue and discussion of these questions and more:

  • How can we address climate change with our students?
  • What barriers and challenges might we encounter when teaching climate change
  • Historically, what battles have been fought when it comes to climate change in education?

Let’s COLLABORATE to form more engaging systems that educate students about the world’s climate! Receive your FREE copy of Miseducation: How Climate Change is Taught in America by Katie Worth, and earn PD Credits!

Hybrid Meeting Schedule & Chapters to Discuss:

September 24: Introduction and Chapter 1
October 29: Chapters 2 and 3
December 3: Chapters 4 and 5
January 28: Chapter 6
March 4: Chapter 7 and Epilogue
All sessions from 11:25 am – 12:20 pm

Space is Limited! Register at:

  • For questions regarding this resource, please contact Borderlands Education Center: Sin Fronteras.