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UA Borderlands Education Center: Sin Fronteras

Coming this Fall:

Thinking Outside. Take your lessons outside and connect students to authentic experiences.  Join us as we learn how to increase engagement, build environmental awareness, bolster student motivation, and apply standards in ways that relate to the natural world.  Gain information and resources to create equitable outdoor learning spaces. See you outside!

Back to School – Post Pandemic. We are different people coming out of Covid-19.  Who are we?  Where are we? And, how do we move forward?  Join us to discuss the social and emotional impacts of the pandemic on students and teachers.  Help build a plan to leverage the lessons learned from the past year to start the new year full of support, recovery, and growth.

Paradigm Shift – Bringing more Equity into the Classroom. What are the disadvantages our history imposes on broad groups of students?  What practices can we implement today that can bring equity into our classrooms?  Join us on a journey that explores the socio-cultural roots of our education system, and become more familiar with equitable opportunities and ways to respond.

“I’m Not a Math Person.” Math literacy is a major limiting factor for our students.  Join us as we analyze the obstacles facing our students through a critically conscious lens.  Lead students in rewriting their identity as confident, risk-taking, math-literate scholars.  Discuss implementation strategies for math and non-math teachers alike.  Participate in a supportive community to improve our practice and help promote a math growth mindset.

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